.♡. Spring Flower Love .♡.

Ohai everyone!

Sooo did you look outside yet?! Its spring! Everything is so pretty and colorful and fresh and cute and lovely. Spring always makes me happy! So ofcourse when this little princess went shopping she couldnt not buy this new outfit! It makes me want to dance and jump around in the grass as the nature slowly shows their colors again. Alice is enjoying every second of it! Even within SL spring is beautiful especially at my sisters place. She is amazing at decor and its so much fun to explore her place. Every corner and behind every tree could be a new adventure!Umbrella 2The umbrella I am holding is made by one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. But thats not why you should buy it.. Its because its so beautifully made and comes with a normal holding pose and a fly away pose so you can be a lil Miss Poppins!

Umbrella 1

Dreams time effort, friendship times effort
Mix it up, marble
Let’s go beyond the paradise

  • Outfit: Amarei Ellis.     By: Ophelia Brocco
  • Umbrella: Tiny Trinkets Miss Poppins umbrella.    By:Roula Laville
  • Necklace: .Flutter. Neapolitan Icecream Necklace  (comes in Adult and Kid in one package and is transfer!).     By:glowinghearts @ Mud Pie Event
  • Glasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.56     By: MandyMandy McMillan
  • Nails: Tiny Trinkets Mulan Flower Nails.    By:Roula Laville
  • Skin: Rozena ~Ai(milk)~ juicy red (t).     By: Lindsay Rozen
  • Shape: My Own
  • Body: Cute Bytes ToddleeDoo v.2.4 – BabyGirl.     By: Bit Mcmillan
  • Eyes: [ROLY-POLY] GlassEeys (olive) M.     By: Licht Lapis
  • Hair:  :*BABY PRINCESS*: Hair Miki.     By: Even Genesis



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